Arthur Smith

Associate Director @ PPP Experts

Art Smith has 29 years of experience in analysing and implementing Public-Private Partnerships. He is President of Management Analysis, Incorporated, a consulting firm which specialises in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) related issues.

Mr. Smith has been active in United Nations PPP programs since 2001. In October 2005, he was elected to the post of Vice Chair for Public-Private Partnership Research and Education for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) PPP Alliance. In December 2005, he completed a UNECE-funded research effort on the Statutory and Enabling Environment for Public-Private Partnerships in the Russian Federation, based upon the new (August 2005) concessions law. He has represented the UN on PPP-related issues in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He was a primary author of the UNECE’s publication, “Governance in Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure.” Currently, he is participating in a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe research project, “Creating a New Dynamic for Public-Private Partnerships for Peaceful and Sustainable Development: Human Security and Equitable Access to Resources in Countries at the Pre-PPP Stage.” Mr. Smith’s first assignment under this 24-month project was to analyse utilisation of PPPs as a tool for Natural Resource Funds to promote sustainable development.

Earlier, Mr. Smith provided analysis in support of the Czech government’s voucher privatisation program, and manager a USAID-funded project to identify the costs of potable water production in Albania. He has PPP experience on five continents and is the author of more than 30 articles on Public-Private Partnerships, published in six languages.

Mr. Smith has been actively involved in the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) since 1999. He has served on the NCPPP’s Board of Directors, and as a Vice President, President and Chairman.

Mr. Smith holds an M.S. in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.