John DM Davie

Associate Director @ PPP Experts

He served two three-year terms as chairman of the UKTI (UK Government) Advisory Group on Public Private Partnerships, served as a member of the UK Financial Services Sector Advisory Board and as Chairman of British Expertise. He is chairman of the British Expertise Project Finance and PPP working group. John is a member the UN Economic Council for Europe Panel of PPP Experts. He has been involved the evolution of contemporary theory of PPP since its inception in the UK in 1992.

John is well known in the City of London, where he is an adviser to The Lord Mayor of the City of London on PPP. John runs the British Expertise series of PPP Master Classes providing training for novices and experts in PPP.

With a background in project management of major real estate and infrastructure developments John has developed a thorough appreciation of both finance and management. He has gained wide-ranging hands-on experience in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, where he has advised many major private sector clients and governments on various strategic issues.

Mr Davie is a Visiting Professor at the London Metropolitan Business School.